Our Services

Whether it is for new product development or ongoing procurement, WV International is able to assist. Our services include:

Resin and Additives Consulting

Material selection is the key foundation to a stellar product. With the guidance of our experienced engineering team, we will help you understand which resins and additives are best for your project.

Resin Procurement

Each processor presents unique needs, from preferences to budget. Our supplier network gives us access to a broad range of materials, allowing us to help you achieve specialized material properties. We help companies buy better and efficiently produce higher quality products.

Sales and Marketing Support

WV International works closely with your Sales, R&D, or Technical teams to create strategic products for your company. Through analysis of your target consumers, we will help you meet their needs and grow your audience. We are committed to ensuring that savings and investments from resin purchases impact your bottom line.

Technical Consulting Services

Once your material(s) are selected, we will guide you through the technical landscape associated with your product. We advise on aspects like property modifications and pre-processing parameters. Our technical experts are also prepared to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise with your materials.

Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Packaging

The most delicately designed products demand the strongest, most strategic packaging solutions. WV International works closely with many resins fit to replace traditional materials in pharmaceutical applications. Our engineering resins combat past issues such as leaching, poor chemical resistance, and more.