About WV International

At WV International, we connect the dots, linking our clients to a world of products in a global market. From information to pellets we understand plastics and the changing demands of the industry.

Our experience, material knowledge, strategic partnerships and advanced technology combine to provide high-quality service that meets the specifications of the fast-growing demands within the plastics industry. Our collaborative relationships with suppliers guarantee the most successful management of your project. We also help you trim your costs and lead times by streamlining your services.

Our Core Values

At WV International, we have a tradition of building trusted partnerships with our clients, and pride ourselves on having a solutions-oriented approach. Our focus is on doing what is right for our clients, not what is simply the “easy way”. We believe the key to a successful business relationship is honest, direct and open communication and we are committed to helping you achieve the results you need.

This Is Why Choose WV International

WV International is simply the best plastic brokerage across domestic and international markets. 1 of 7 Our plastics have been used across many industries, and we are familiar with the needs of each. 2 of 7

We’re prepared to help design even the most unique products. No need is too great for our team.

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We understand technical and economic changes in the plastics market, and we’re prepared to help you navigate them. 4 of 7 With over 30 years of experience in plastics, we are prepared to answer your questions. 5 of 7 Our top-notch consulting services allow for flawless planning, buying, and execution for your company. 6 of 7 WV International not only wants to be your broker, but your partner. 7 of 7