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WV International, Inc. is a full service engineering resin thermoplastics distributor. We have a complete array of products, including pre-colored, glass filled, flame retardant, and custom compounded engineering thermoplastics from world-class manufacturers and compounders.

We supply resins manufactured by Sabic, Dupont, Bayer, BASF and others. WV International sells raw material for the electronic, consumer appliance, houseware and computer industries.  WV International, Inc. offers a complete line of engineering resins. We offer prime material made by domestic and international manufacturers, as well as custom compounded products.

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WV International combines experience, material knowledge, strategic partnerships and technology to provide high-quality service that meets the specifications of the fast growing demands of the plastic industry. We have collaborative relationships with suppliers to guarantee the successful management of any aspect of your project. We can help you trim your costs and lead times by streamlining services, reducing development time and production costs.


General Purpose Flame Retardant Low Temperature High Heat Extrusion


General Purpose General Purpose FDA UV Stabilized High Flow Flame Retardant Extrusion


High Performance Flame Retardant General Purpose Glass Reinforced Extrusion


General Purpose Glass Reinforced Impact Modified and Reinforced

6 - 6/6 - 6/12

General Purpose
Heat Stabilized
High Impact
Mineral Reinforced
Flame Retardant

High Performance



Copolymer Homopolymer

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Custom Color Compounds Glass-filled Products Reinforced Thermoplastics